3D Printing tool head


The versatile tool head

With the 3DF02 tool head, you can produce a wide variety of parts in 3D printing. Equipped with a liquid cooling system, it guarantees excellent thermal stability for printing technical materials.

Dual extrusion

Multi-material part manufacturing has never been easier with the dual extruder system with its two independent heads. 


Change nozzles quickly and easily to suit your application. The 3DF02 offers you a wide variety of materials.

Precise parts with the 3DF02

Imprimante 3D hybride : impression 3D, usinage et laser

Bracket model

EVA, imprimante 3D hybride imprime vos pièces

Prototype of a drone chassis

Tête-outils impression 3D, usinage et laser


The high-speed tool head

Step up a gear with the 3DF09 tool head.  A robust and powerful tool head for printing tough parts.

High flow rate

Reduce your printing time by 10 times with an extrusion rate of 0.9 kg/h. Achieve layer heights up to 1.5 mm. 

Resistant parts

Print stronger parts with the 3DF09 with layer widths up to 10 mm.

High speed prints

Imprimante 3D hybride : impression 3D, usinage et laser

Reduce your printing time by


Parts with complex geometries

With 3D printing in your machine, produce parts with complex geometries that only additive manufacturing can achieve. The 3DF02 allows you to produce parts with thin layers. With the 3DF09, get your final parts quickly.


Complementary tool heads

  • 3DF02
  • 3DF09
ProcessFused Filament Fabrication (FFF)Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
SystemDouble extrusionMono extrusion
Extrusion flow rate0.2 kg/h0.9 kg/h
Nozzle diameter0.4 à 1.2 mm0.6 mm à 2.5 mm
Heatcore1 heatcore par extrudeur2 heatcores par extrudeur
Filament diameter1.75 mm2.85 mm
Extrusion temperature300 °C500 °C
IntelligenceDétection de l'outil, palpage automatique du plateau avec cartographieDétection de l'outil
Large scale printing (1000 mm x 500 mm x 500 mm)
Bed temperature up to 120°C
Heated chamber up to 60°C
Water cooling
End of filament detection and unwinding
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Compatible materials

Additive manufacturing
3D Printing
Fused Filament Fabrication

Additive manufacturing is the best way to go from idea to prototype quickly and cheaply. 

Non-exhaustive list.

Uses: Functional prototypes, industrial molding, general purpose parts

Advantages: Impact resistant, durable, heat resistant

Uses: parts subject to high stresses

Advantages: mechanical strength, heat resistant

Uses: electronic card holders, electrical boxes

Advantages: shock resistant, heat resistant

Uses: ideal for outdoor parts

Advantages: UV resistant, weather resistant, high mechanical strength

Uses: printing support

Advantages: soluble

Applications: tooling, automotive, functional parts, medical

Advantages: high heat resistance (190°C), impact, abrasion and friction resistant, corrosion and chemical resistant

Uses: protective housings, functional prototyping, structural components

Advantages: high mechanical strength, high thermal resistance, historically used in industry

Uses: food contact parts (molds, containers), electrical components, medical prostheses

Advantages: waterproof, translucent, food safe, electrical insulator, light, easy to use

Uses: Models, design objects, packaging, marketing

Advantages : Easy to print, rigid, biodegradable, biosourced

Uses: assembly parts, belts, shells, protections

Advantages: flexible, impact resistant, tear resistant