2 November 2022


Imagine your flexible workshop using the N-Center software suite. It allows you to connect your EVA machines and optimize your production. Thus, each EVA is dedicated to a task and a process: 3D printing, machining or laser cutting/ engraving. At any time, you can reorganize your production line with agility.
“A software suite in all steps of the manufacturing process.”
Logiciel imprimante 3D

Software suite


Today, in any sector, the customization is essential. The offer must be adapted to the needs of each customer: EVA responds to these kinds of requests. It is as agile with tailor-made manufacturing as with mass production. Make your parts on a scale of 1 to visualize the manufacturing constraints and the final appearance of your part.  

Viewing the Part PV

Digital channel

Moules hybrides

Hybrid mould with QR Code

It is also possible to combine several processes on the same part: we speak of hybrid part. In a zero paper approach, you can 3D print your piece and mark it with a QR code. This allows you to digitally visualize its manufacturing characteristics (range and manufacturing PV).


Master your production with the Namma ecosystem. Manage your workshop according to demand thanks to the compatibility of the various products in the range (EVA, EVA 500, N-Center Software Suite). Turn your workshop into a centre for R&D, tooling production and final parts production as the workload changes.


Industry 4.0 integrates robotic support to automate production. Indeed, EVA is designed to facilitate its collaboration with humans. Its interface allows the connection with robotic systems, so you can for example extract the printing tray via a robot arm and clamp another. Turn your workshop into an autonomous manufacturing centre.

Collaboration between robotics and EVA

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